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The day I got called out on my own bullshit

Posted on September 01 2018

It was only last week I wrote about working for the man. 

I tried to make it sound ok, like it was something that was manageable or even worse, something that I enjoyed. 

The shit about the team work, accomplishing goals still sticks. I love the fuck out of that shit. 

But, I also love the fuck out of working with like-minded people, people who share my passion to do big things, create brands and drive the shit out of them.

Not people who are happy to turn up and go home. 

Last week when I wrote that blog I actually thought I would be stuck in that job until I was financially stable to make my next move. Which would be when? 

I told myself I needed that job because I needed the security.  Even know I’ve created this wicked brand, I am still just like you. I still have bills to pay and I’ve had shit go wrong within this business and in my personal life.  I’ve been thrown curveballs just like you.

I made myself believe that I needed that income more than my happiness. I told myself I couldn’t take my business to the next level, because I’d failed that many times. 

And the worst part, I’ve told myself that for a very long time.

By way of reflection, I created this brand by myself.

Yep all by myself and it is successful, very successful. I can admit that now… finally.  I can not only see the financial success but it’s my passion it lights my soul and that carried no dollar value.

So how did I do it?

With drive, determination and a fuck load of hard work.

There was no magical investor, no loan, no bank balance, just me and my dream.

I also did it all around three kids under 6 and a husband that works away.

I backed the fuck out of myself, thought my shit didn’t stink and drove this brand to where it is today.

So where did it all gone wrong?

It went wrong when I stopped believing in myself and felt so fkn isolated by doing life (mostly) alone and business alone.  What was manageable before now became unmanageable. 

So instead of giving up completely, I thought that if I went back to work, got my “security” and threw money at “professionals” it would magically BLOW UP and id be at the next level.

That kind of did happen to a certain extent.

It grew.

But I wasn’t happy.

And my customers wanted ME! They wanted to see Justine, the crazy mum of 3, who juggles this business, drinks too much wine and struggles to move the folded clean washing from her lounge room table to her bedroom.

She’s back. AND I think my shit don’t stink.  So watch out.

Sooooo how did I leave the job that wasn’t fulfilling my soul? 

I got called out on my bullshit. 

I asked a friend for advice as to whether I should leave the job. 

It was short and sweet.

Justine “You know the answer to that. You are too old to be doing shit you hate and you’re too smart to be making some other fucker money”.



I knew what I had to do. 

I’m a creative. I love to create and do epic things.  And I’m so crazy I can’t be tamed.

I have been manifesting an idea for a while to help others do what done.  Build brands, fashion labels and create communities for other business owners to discuss the REAL hustle.

We will do EPIC shit together. 

NO ONE should be doing a job they hate.

Watch this space. Exciting things are coming. 

If you aren’t already following - come and join my closed group @sunnyandfinntibe and get to know me.

And please drop me a comment below. 

Justine x 

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