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I got accused of copying a basic t shirt

Posted on August 25 2018

 I got accused yesterday of copying a design.

A basic t shirt of all things.

Then the messages and emails started to roll in from a group of women who took it upon themselves to slander and bully me any which way they could.

I broke. I cried. And I stopped.

I don’t have time to bother with what you’re doing, or with what anyone else is doing.

I’m busy being a magician of a parent doing the job of two parents, plus some. Working for another company, running this business and raising 3 kids.

My husband is a FIFO worker and he works away from us 3 weeks at a time.

The first week I started this brand I was asked, “what’s your ultimate goal from this business?” My response, “to bring my husband home so my kids can grow up with their dad.”

Quite simple really.

And I have integrity.

My heart was shattered into pieces when I kissed my eldest Sunny good night and had to break the news to him that his dad was gone for another 3 weeks. I’d comfort him as much as I could as I’d hear him cry himself to sleep cause he wanted his dad so badly.

I can’t describe the feeling of helplessness I had at that point.

It was then and there that I promised myself I would never give up on this business. And that I won’t.

It’s funny you know, I came across a design similar to one of mine a few years ago. I didn’t feel the need to abuse the other business owner. I simply contacted her and we realised we were both geniuses who’d come up with a brilliant design and it was a coincidence. We then collaborated the design and worked together to build each other’s businesses and profiles.

So fellow business owner, mother and wife, you and your tribe may have knocked me of my perch yesterday. You may have even got more sales than me and achieved more than me.


I’ll tell you one thing.

I made a promise to myself, my children, my family and my supporters.

You don’t have a chance of breaking that.

So my friend, this is my family (minus my husband because of course he missed out again because he was at work).

This is the face of the girl you and your crew broke yesterday. Who hid from her daughter who she was looking after so she didn’t see her Muma crying.

And here are the faces of her babies that will keep her going forever.

Hope it was worth it.

If I were a person like you, I’d give my t shirts away to saturate the market so you wouldn’t get any sales. But I’m not like that. Instead I’ve taken them down and I’ll donate them to charity to make someone else feel special.

And for the record, I’ve just smashed out the best designs for next season so thanks for adding your “sparkle”.

Bloody brilliant.